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Our team of experts come in and assess your current business model and then provide solutions to help you achieve your goals, whether that is to bring on personnel, increase profits, productivity, or even set your business up to sell. 

Dental Management Advisors Inc.

Some Of The Services We Provide Include:

Practice Purchases:

When purchasing a practice from another doctor, it is important to analyze and assess the efficiency of the business’s operations, as well as ensure a smooth transition from one doctor to the next. The point-of-purchase is the perfect time to implement new systems and strategies to ensure the long-term success of the practice. We assist doctors in this process so that they don’t find themselves with the declining revenue stream 1 to 2 years after the practice purchase.

Practice Management:

Are you tired of the stress associated with the daily management of team, systems and budgets? Our comprehensive management service offers “bumper to bumper” management of your practice – enabling you to focus exclusively on clinical patient care.

Revenue Growth:

Are your production numbers dropping or stagnant? We can help you identify areas where you can increase your production, both through maximizing current patient production as well as attracting new patients.

Comprehensive Practice Exam And Analysis:

A complete overview and assessment of every area of your practice, from top to bottom. The practice exam and analysis will give you insights into your daily operations, as well as your future potential.

Financial And Fee Analysis:

Are your fees competitive with the other practices in your area? We can help you analyze your fees, while also ensuring that you’re maximizing your profit and margins. Additionally, we assist many of our clients in the process of determining which – if any – in network plans they should become a part of.

Practice Start-ups:

The first year of a new practice startup is most often the most critical time for its success. Making the right decisions on hiring, systems, and clinical strategy are imperative to a new practice’s success. We have developed programs specifically for doctors starting their 1st dental practice. These programs will be put in place to ensure the accelerated growth of a new practice.

Clinical Efficiency:

Does your clinical department “hummm”? Operatory and sterilization setup are critical to efficient delivery. Proper 4-handed techniques enable the doctor to provide uncompromised, quality care in a timely manner. Clinical team communications reinforce need and urgency with the patient. Does your clinical department need “fine tuning”?

Internal And External Marketing Effectiveness:

Are you not getting enough patients to ensure your practice growth? We can help you implement systems and strategies to increase your internal patient referrals, as well as assist you in attracting more external patients to your practice.


Are you attracting and retaining the quality new patients your practice needs for growth? We are different from any other dental marketing partner you will find. Our marketing process begins with an understanding of the type of dentistry you enjoy. Next ,we analysis your surrounding area to locate the “right” patients. Once this has been accomplished we create a marketing calendar that meets your budget. Finally, we work to monitor the results. This entire project is managed step-by-step by our team . This enables you to focus on patient care.

Internal Systems:

We have a broad background in implementing and managing dental systems. With our help you can leverage the most up-to-date systems to increase your office’s efficiency and reduce wasted time.

Patient Satisfaction And Engagement:

How likely would your patients be to recommend you to a friend, colleague or family member? Providing an exceptional patient experience will increase the likelihood and frequency of patient referrals. While engaged patient will be an advocate for your practice and bring you more new patients, a disengaged patient will be a detractor for your practice and likely scare new patients away. Are you tracking and managing your patients’ experience?

Hipaa And Legal Compliance:

Keeping up-to-date in complying with HIPAA rules is challenging for any dental office. And as we know, the financial implications of violating HIPAA regulation can be detrimental to a practice. Additionally, employment law can be just as difficult to track and manage. We have partnered with a national renowned labor law group to assist our clients in the implementation of employee manuals, training and certificate programs to keep the staff and doctor up-to-date and in compliance with Federal and State labor laws.Staff Development, Performance, and Placement:

Do you have the right team in place?

Whether it is motivating and training your current staff members, or helping you find the right new staff members, we help our clients ensure that the right people in the right positions.

If you would like to learn more about our coaching and training services, we invite you to fill out the complementary Practice Performance Evaluation.